Our Services – Skin Care

At Top Image, our skin care experts ensure your skin is detoxified, refreshed and most importantly pampered! Our natural skin care treatments provide you with healthy, glowing skin. For radiant, revitalised and refreshed skin, choose Top Image!

Our beauty experts provide basic grooming sessions like threading and waxing unlike any other. Our professionals take utmost care to ensure our customers have a comfortable and relatively less painful experience. We use only good quality products with a gentle hand. Eyebrow threading is done keeping in mind your facial features, while a full body waxing ensures a silky smooth result. At Top Image, we use a special liposoluble wax made from resin extracts and refined oils that nourishes your skin and removes tans.

  • Threading
  • Waxing
  • Bleaching

A facial is not just about pampering yourself, it also does wonders for your skin! A facial done by a professional, deep cleans and hydrates your skin as well as relieves acne. A good facial also improves blood circulation, giving your skin a healthy glow. At Top Image, we use products containing vital minerals and nutrients that reduce wrinkles and remove dead skin, giving you a youthful appearance. Black mud, fruit acids, vitamins, enzymes, gold and anti-oxidants are just a few of the special ingredients found in our facials.

  • Clean Up
  • Top Image Signature – Fresh Fruit Facial
  • Mini Facial
  • Glow Facial
  • Ageless Facial
  • Basil Facial
  • Fairness Facial
  • Almond And Saffron
  • Honey And Rose

You have a party and you’re undecided about what kind of look you want. Perhaps, you wish to experiment with an entirely new look. Our make up service is just for you. Explore and see what you like